FODDIS® photo equipment helps to balance 
out camera weaknesses from the manufacturer.

Over the past few years, quite a number of cameras and camcorders have appeared on the market that promised exceptional filming fun. It quickly became clear that, although recording technology was becoming better and better quality and more and more advanced, the cameras' integrated image stabilisation function was not capable of keeping up and still can't today. Because of this, stable and shake-free camera work with digital cameras sensitive to movement was immensely difficult in practice.

A further reason for monotonous and unsatisfactory film results was quickly discovered - it was quite literally right in front of us. How do you keep a camera still and stable while retaining optimum creative freedom and user friendliness? With previously available accessories, this was almost impossible. Tripod stands prevent undesirable shaking, but also have the disadvantage of restricted freedom of movement, choice of angle and control of camera moves. If you film hand-held, however, the risk of the recording shaking is high and other negative side effects are common, as you cannot hold the cameras properly and they must be shouldered or even attached. The need to process film recordings later is guaranteed even at the filming stage. Many things, however, cannot be corrected technically. Spontaneous filming on holiday, of unforgettable moments and family celebrations, at sports events, etc. are dear to the hearts of all film enthusiasts and simply cannot be repeated.

As a passionate amateur film-maker and specialist in high quality plastic products, in 2006 our company founder set himself the task to develop solutions to make filming easier and to help to improve the quality of filming results. For increasingly smaller film cameras or bulky classic cameras or photo cameras with video capabilities alike. Read about how it all began here.

The result: brand independent, high quality tripods for cameras of all shapes and sizes, for universal use, comfortable and easy to hold in your hand.

100% Made in Germany: FODDIS® sets great store by their own, state of the art plant and their staff with many years of experience and expertise in the company headquarters in Altenstadt/Iller in the complete entire production and assembly of their hand-held tripods. This is how FODDIS® guarantees the best processing quality and the use of high quality materials.

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