FODDIS® Pro-Pico:
Greater comfort when filming and 'better grip'

thanks to two-hand operation!

FODDIS® Pro-Pico:

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Calm and relaxing filming even with large film cameras!

With the FODDIS® Pro-Pico, long takes, for example with relatively
heavy Henkelmann cameras, are finally a real pleasure. The comfortable
changing of hand position should you get tired, maximum freedom of
movement, relaxing left-hand gripping position for better freedom of
movement for your fingers, ease of use and comfortable holding as well
as total camera control are guaranteed to wow you. All this, across the
board, in all situations and in various settings.

In a nut shell: The FODDIS® Pro-Pico guarantees stable pictures, better
purchase and more filming fun when handling bulky Henkelmann film

Thanks to its sophisticated construction, the film-maker's right hand finds
its place on the laterally adjustable plate while he holds the camera. The
left hand grips the fold-out handle, which can also be adjusted to a better
position. There are three threads for tripods or the FODDIS® Solo moulded
under the base plate. This allows even the heavy weight of large camcorders
to be evenly split over both arms.

Advantages of the FODDIS® Pro-Pico:

  • Two-handed camera work for greater freedom of movement, control and flexibility
  • Universally usable, suitable for all Henkelmann cameras
  • Unproblematic changing of hand position
  • Optimum weight distribution and stabilisation:
    • Low net weight of 169 g - no noticeable additional weight to carry/bear
    • Perfectly balanced camera mounting via 3 mounting holes onto a base plate approximately 14 cm long
    • Side handle, rotatable and swivel-mounted, can be fixed in any desired position using a knurled screw
    • FODDIS® hand support for calm, effortless filming
  • Attachment to tripod possible
  • Easy assembly of accessories, such as microphone or video lights - directly onto the handle or on to the accessory shoe on the underside of the tripod.

FODDIS® Pro-Pico – a must for Henkelmann users

Quality direction with ease: Perfect stabilisation and control with free camera moves at hip-height.

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