FODDIS® Pro 120: Professional filming

from every angle is a breeze with camcorders

up to 120 mm high!

FODDIS® Pro 120:

178,- Euro*

plus delivery costs

* Price without camera
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FODDIS® Pro 120 plus Solo:

192,- Euro*

plus delivery costs

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* Price without camera
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You have full creative freedom with the
FODDIS® Pro 100's 
big brother!

Filming at knee or floor level, at hip height, over the head shots or
fluid movements - with the FODDIS® Pro 120, you can let your creativity
run free.

Very easily assembled, perfectly balanced using only a few steps and
immediately usable - you can put your camcorder into "Action!" and
use it the way you want to. 'Stable filming' doesn't get simpler or more
comfortable than this! The infinitely adjustable handles enable you to
film comfortably and trouble-free with a comfortable hand and arm
position. The FODDIS® Pro 120's hand support also supports your
fingers' freedom of movement with camera direction that is secure
yet relaxed at the same time.

Advantages of the FODDIS® Pro 120:

  • Universally applicable, suitable for all camcorders with a
    maximum height of 120 mm
  • Ready to use after only a few steps and perfectly balanced
  • Handles with hand support and grid settings on both sides for adjusting the user-definable grip position
  • Assembly on tripod possible
  • Easy mounting of accessories, such as video lights or additional displays, etc.
  • Ideal even for left handed people

FODDIS® Pro 120 – All-round impressive:

Never before imagined: Supported from the top of the central handle, achieving smooth camera moves is effortless.


FODDIS® Pro 120 plus Solo – impressively versatile and comfortable

Superior from A-Z: With the FODDIS® Solo, you're always the master of the situation and on top of what's happening.

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