FODDIS® Mini-Digi:
Top recording quality in the palm of your hand!

FODDIS® Mini-Digi:

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At long last, experience pure film fun with your digital pocket camera!

With 720 p and FULL HD cameras, every shake you make with your fingers is visible when you watch the recording later.
With the Mini-Digi, camera moves won't be jittery and the built-in image stabilisers of modern and increasingly small digital cameras are also supported.

The FODDIS® Mini-Digi makes it possible for you to finally be able to easily get to grips with and be in control of your camera. Fix your camera to the tripod easily and in seconds with the infinitely adjustable locking screw. And off you go!

This little miracle for relaxing filming and photography is furnished with an innovative thumb support, which allows you to stabilise your camera comfortably and without suffering from cramp. Additionally, the handles on the side can be set to your personal (individual) optimum position via a turn screw. This means that two-handed camera work and filming success are ensured.

Advantages of the FODDIS® Mini-Digi:

  • For all small, compact digital cameras - regardless of the manufacturer
  • Stable and effortless camera work thanks to thumb support and side-mounted handles for practical two-handed control
  • Simple assembly and very easy to use
  • More control, safety and stability
  • Compact structure (size: 105 x 37 x 22 mm, handle length 72 mm)
  • Low net weight: 77 g

FODDIS® Mini-Digi – Top recording quality in the palm of your hand!

Innovative thumb support:
More stability when handling your camera and optimum ease of use.

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