Experience unimaginable shots and
angles with
a high level of comfort while filming.

A must for every amateur film-maker.

Shaky, dull, badly staged film recording and therefore disappointed film-makers are a thing of the past even for amateur film-makers, thanks to manual image stabilisers from FODDIS®. With it, previous frustrations for amateur film-makers transform into the desire for more. The desire to make films spontaneously that are enjoyable to show to others and which can fully take advantage of the technical capabilities of your camera. With FODDIS® hand-held tripods you can also concentrate completely on what's important - the filming of unforgettable and moving moments.

FODDIS® Tripod: transform your camcorder into a professional film camera with complete motion control and unimaginable creative freedom - it doesn't get easier or more comfortable than this. The camcorder is assembled and perfectly balanced in only a few steps and effortless handling is guaranteed.

The general advantages of FODDIS® hand-held tripods at a glance:

  • A compatible tripod for camcorders of all sizes
  • Low net weight
  • Stable, compact structure and very easy to use
  • Easy to handle and compact with astounding directing quality
  • Comfortable, blur-free and effortless tracking shots
  • Unimaginable shots and angles
  • Exceptional price-performance ratio
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