From the initial idea to the production line!

It all began in 2006:

Due to dissatisfaction with the flawed handling of his many camcorders, insufficient stability when filming as well as tiring and restricted arm and hand positioning, company founder Ulisse Foddis created a small aluminium hand-held tripod for his own use and a simple handle that could be screwed directly onto the camcorder or tripod. There were simply no stabilisers or hand-held tripods for camcorders or small cameras in specialist shops. Even the initial designs and modifications were very promising. Several aluminium models and countless hours of development on the computer and in the workshop later, the precursor
to the subsequent FODDIS® Pro 120 and the FODDIS® Solo stood up to
the high demands of its creator and the cornerstone for FODDIS® image stabilisers was laid. Since what was initially intended only for his own use was so popular with his fellow amateur film-makers and acquaintances, the first small batches of FODDIS® Pro 120 and FODDIS® Solo were produced and distributed a year after the very first aluminium model.

With vision in 2007:

At almost the same time as the FODDIS® Pro 120's market launch, a reduced and smaller hand-held tripod, which fits practically and compactly into any luggage and yet still guaranteed improved handling of small camcorders, went into development and production. Small but powerful, as the "little" FODDIS® Pico convinced customers and specialist publications alike from the off.

2008 – 2009:

Due to the increasing demand for FODDIS® image stabilisers, the first shop went online in 2008. In order to also give users of large video cameras, such as Henkelmann cameras, the opportunity to fully take advantage of their directing quality and also to perfectly spread the high weight of the camera over both arms, FODDIS® developed the FODDIS® Pro-Pico at the end of 2008/beginning of 2009. A small, light and portable hand-held tripod, perfect for reporting and outdoor filming and optimally in tune with the demands of cameramen and directors.

2010 – today:

As the development of very small cameras, which still have Full HD or
HD recording capabilities, continued to advance, the time was ripe for the FODDIS® Mini-Digi. It went on to initial construction and models that were continually developed further, optimised and also aesthetically changed up until the 2010 series production. This is because it is not only high quality processing that is particularly important to FODDIS®, but also an attractive design while having optimum handling at the same time. That was, for example, only one reason why the FODDIS® Pro 120 was followed by the FODDIS® Pro 100 for smaller camcorders, which was shorter but otherwise structurally identical.

As quickly as manufacturers of film and photo cameras work on new products, FODDIS® will also constantly expand its brand independent product range. Our next models are already being planned. Something
to look forward to!

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